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Snyder Reports


2017 Spring Snyder Report

There was no shortage of angst in the investment community that a Donald Trump victory in last year's election would send shares down sharply, at least in the immediate aftermath of a trump win....


2017 Winter Snyder Report

While the U.S. presidential election results may have taken financial markets as well as political pundits by surprise, the prolonged post-Election Day rally in stocks may be even more of a shocker to market observers....


2016 Fall Snyder Report

The third quarter of 2016 was very confusing as investors experienced a variety of economic and financial turmoil amid a backdrop of baffling political concerns. Nevertheless, the bull market continued its forward march....


2016 Summer Snyder Report

The stock market has at times been referred to as a "Goldilocks" market, meaning nothing is too hot or too cold but just right. Now we may have entered an "Alice in Wonderland" market, where everything's been turned seemingly upside down....


2016 Spring Snyder Report

During the first three months of 2016 we experienced an unusually volatile first quarter and as March closed the U.S. stock market ended the quarter higher than it had started the year. Following its worst start to a year since 2009 and a fall of more that 10%, equity markets enjoyed an equally swift recovery....


2016 Winter Snyder Report

For better or worse 2016 is upon us. Coming on the heels of a challenging year, the big question I'm regularly asked is: where is the currently erratic U.S. stock market headed in 2016? ....


2015 Fall Snyder Report

"It's Tough to Make Predictions, Especially About The Future" Or.. What Would Yogi Berra Say? I cannot take credit for the above quote which belongs to the great American icon Yogi Berra who died this past quarter at the age of 90. Like all of the quotes from baseball's great philosopher-cathcher, truth lies beneath its surface....


2015 Summer Snyder Report

If 2015 has been anything so far, it's been volatile. Highlighted by the so-called 'Greek drama,' we've had a big slide in the Chinese stock market, strong hints that interest rates will finally rise, conflicting information on unemployement and on the horizon looms a presidental election.


2015 Spring Snyder Report

By anyone's account, it was a rough winter. To paraphrase a quote from the timeless drama Richard III, by the immortal William Shakespeare, it feels good to finally leave winter behind.


2015 Winter Snyder Report

A wise man once wrote a long time ago: "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times..." Chales Dickens could've been writing about our stock market and the economy when he wrote the opening of his classic, "A Tale of Two Cities," in 1859.


2014 Summer Snyder Report

This year’s ?rst half can be summed up in simple terms: confusing and unpredictable markets have surprisingly produced gains.


2014 Spring Snyder Report

I always remember hearing that March “came in like a lion” and went “out like a lamb.” However, the unpredicted 5-6 inches of snow that fell on Long Island March 31 quickly dispelled the “lamb theory,” at least for 2014.


2014 Winter Snyder Report

Like many years in the past, 2013 had the usual mix of notable good and bad events.

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